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SmartValue delivers results. SmartValue possesses investment selection, portfolio management, retirement planning, education planning, diversification, and asset allocation expertise, which allows us to produce timely results in all of these areas and more for our customers.InvestmentPlanning

Investment Recommendations, Selection and Portfolio Management

SmartValue determines how to invest your current assets and future savings based on your financial goals, your attitude towards risk, your current financial position and your tax status. We utilize active money management techniques, tactical and strategic asset allocation, and intelligent diversification.

Retirement Planning and Management

SmartValue establishes a retirement income goal and gathering information about your potential sources of retirement income and financial assets. The information is then used to help determine if your projected retirement cash flow is adequate to fund your needs.

Education Planning and Management

The full cost of four years at a private college will amount to nearly $250,000. Next to buying a home, a college education is the largest expenditure most people will ever make. The key to sending your child to college is advance planning. SmartValue works with you to determine how much you will need to save per month to meet your goal and develop an investment plan to see that you meet or exceed your goal.

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