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SmartValue delivers solutions and services that work. It is hard enough running a business let alone keeping up with the constantly changing trends in the financial and investment marketplace that can make or break you. InvestmentsAndDegreesOfRiskPerCategoryWith our expansive knowledge, experience, and expertise in the financial and investment management discipline, SmartValue addresses the rapidly changing needs of today's sophisticated investor.

Information overload, volatile markets, seemingly endless investment choices, and a 24/7 business day can be time-prohibitive for the average investor to independently invest wisely. SmartValue designs and develops unique and proven strategies and makes wise financial and investment decisions for your portfolio. By adhering to time-tested investment strategies and proven methods, SmartValue delivers effective investment plans, strategies, and results.

SmartValue partners up with market, financial, research, technology, and industry leaders in order to expand your investment choices and protect your assets. Clients have the flexibility to choose or remain with any custodian/broker-dealer of their preference. Unless the client directs otherwise, SmartValue will generally recommend that all such investment management accounts, be maintained at a top-rated custodian/broker-dealer.

SmartValue shall generally recommend that this custodian/broker-dealer serve as the broker-dealer and custodian/clearing firm for the investment advisory accounts. However, the custodian/broker-dealer is not a related person of SmartValue. They provide us with the following services and other benefits:

  • Investor online access
  • Faster account openings
  • Smoother transfer of assets
  • Excellent client service and support
  • Industry insights and best practicesrplifestages2

  • Excellent research and investment products
  • Up-to-the-minute market news and insights
  • Robust line of education and retirement products
  • Access to thousands of ETFs and mutual funds
  • Broker-Dealer Services
  • Clearing and Custody Services
  • Account/Asset protection (FDIC and SIPC insured)
  • Client account statements, trade confirms, and tax reports.
  • Checking and card services

But where do you begin? You want to utilize our powerful investment portfolios but you don't quite know where to begin. You need an investment solution and financial plan that will provide you with maximum returns with minimum risk exposure. That is where SmartValue comes in. SmartValue specializes in designing and developing powerful investment plans and financial solutions that meet your specific needs and deliver real value.

Take a moment to discover what makes SmartValue the best choice for you and your business.

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